St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Husbands Bosworth is situated in the park of Bosworth Hall. It was built in 1873 by Sir Francis Fortescue-Turville, the then owner of Bosworth Hall, from whom the present owners are descended. The Church remains privately owned.


St Mary's RC Church

A resident priest for St. Mary's used to live at the Rectory in Butt Lane, but since the end of the last war, the church has been serviced by priests from Our Lady of Victories in Market Harborough.

The Church was designed by Gilbert Blount, and has particularly fine wall paintings by W.H.Romaine-Walker. It remains unaltered since the Lady Chapel was added by A.E.Purdie in 1891 as a monument to Sir Francis.

Mass is celebrated at St. Mary's Church every Sunday at 8.15am. It is the only Catholic Church between Market Harborough and Lutterworth, and is regularly attended by 50-70 people, some travelling from a wide distance.

St. Mary's Church remains an unaltered and unspoilt example of the very best of Victorian architecture, and still fortunately also remains in regular use.

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(St. Mary's Church, Husbands Bosworth)

Oswald Turville-Petre   Leo Francis Henry

Born May 27 1862
Died June 16 1941

Born January 23 1900
Died January 21 1967
Margaret Turville-Petre   (from April 1928 beloved doctor at Husbands Bosworth)
Born July 17 1875
Died March 20 1954
  Rose Marie Parisod
Alethea Constable-Maxwell  
Born 1888
Died 1974
Born October 31 1904
Died September 29 1995

(Rose Marie Parisod was Swiss and came to Bosworth Hall as children's nanny in 1931. Affectionately known as Noon.)