After almost three years of dedication, the Husbands Bosworth Parish Plan Group has launched their Parish Plan in 2006. The launch event was extremely well attended by both residents and service providers, showing the support the document has behind it.

After wide consultation with the local residents a number of issues were identified and listed within the Action Plan for Husbands Bosworth.

These Action points and wide and ranging, including:

• increasing the number of notice boards

• developing IT courses within the village

• improving the accessibility and profile of the Local Beat Officer

• improving the condition of roadside footpaths

• developing recycling opportunities in the village

• improving facilities and appearance of the village hall

• increased provision of low cost houses

• improving parking throughout the village

• developing facilities and activities for young people

Recently, a copy of the report was distributed to service providers within Leicestershire, and their comments on the document were welcomed by the Group.

Jeremy Prescott, Director of the Rural Community Council (Leicestershire and Rutland) said: “The people of Husbands Bosworth are to be congratulated on launching their Action Plan which reflects their views and aspirations for the future. The Rural Community Council with other partners will continue to work with them to help translate as much of the plan as possible into reality in the years ahead”.

The launch offered the opportunity for residents to sign up to help develop the Action Plan into successful projects to enhance community life in Husbands Bosworth. This is just the beginning – Husbands Bosworth needs you!

Click here to view the parish plan

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